Creating a unique solution, by thinking unique approach

Metasum offers state-of-the-art millimeter-wave passive components and packaging solutions based on an innovative, low-loss, cost-effective and highly efficient platform so called Multi-layer Waveguide (MLW) technology. The patented MLW technology (SE1751333-4) provides a unique compact modular concept that includes all critical building blocks of a mm-wave system. So far, we have developed passive component products operating in different millimeter-wave frequency bands, and we have already signed a license agreement for bandpass filters product with a Swedish industrial costumer.

The MLW technology was developed by Dr. Vosoogh during his PhD at Chalmers University of Technology, together with Dr. Zhongxia Simon He who is an Assistant Professor at the Microwave Electronics Laboratory of Chalmers. Metasum AB was started as a spin-off company in 2017 to commercialize the technology.